Discover the transformative power of unity and self-discovery at the 2024 Gay Men's Spiritual Retreat in beautiful Julian, California Friday, May 31 through Sunday, June 2, 2024. Embark on a journey of personal and communal healing through a blend of activities designed to reconnect you with the essence of your being and the vibrant GBT community around you.

Inspired by the philosophy of Ubuntu, a South African philosophy that emphasizes the interconnectedness of humanity and the importance of compassion, kindness, and mutual support., our retreat is a reminder that "I am a person through other people. My humanity is tied to yours." This summer, let's come together to celebrate the universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity, creating a space where every individual's well-being contributes to the whole.

From the tranquility of breathwork and the grounding natural setting, to the liberating experience of being unplugged in a natural setting (if you choose), the GMSR retreat promises a return to the simple joys of living and celebrating the profound connections that sustain us.

You'll be invited to dive into workshops aimed at exploring your relationships with the Spirit, partners, friends, nature, and family. Unwind and de-stress through yoga, activities hikes, and creative expression in art and music.

Join us in Julian. Engage in meaningful communication. Embrace the beauty of sounds and silence. And balance the dialogue between your head and heart.

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